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Hudson’s 3rd birthday 07.01.18

American Hero and Spider character were invited along to Adventurelands soft play today to celebrate Hudson’s birthday! As the superheroes arrived they could see Hudson and his friends having lots of fun climbing in the soft play, Spider character couldn’t wait to join in!

As they entered, all the boys and girls came for their photos taken with the special characters to remember the big day! Hudson took his superhero guests hands and showed them the way into the soft play. It was lots of fun running around and swinging on the play area!

Hudson showed American hero and Spider character his superhero themed birthday cake, it was brilliant! He took a seat at the table alongside his friends and family and everyone sang a big happy birthday. As everyone tucked in to some well deserved lunch, it was time for the special guests to go home as they had some busy jobs to do saving the world!

Thank you Hudson for letting us celebrate your birthday with you, we had a brilliant time and hope you had as much fun as we did.

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Christmas home visits 2017

Elves here at Let’s Party Events North East had been getting prepared for the past few weeks ready to meet all of the boys and girls at our annual Christmas home visits! They couldn’t wait to meet everyone and hear lots of fun stories about how excited they all were ready for Santa arriving on Christmas Eve.

Home visits ran throughout the whole of December and gave families the opportunity to invite one of Santa’s helpers to their home to spread some Christmas magic and deliver special personalised gift boxes. Some families even arranged fantastic Christmas parties for our Elves to attend when they arrived to the home which were all lots of fun.

On Christmas Eve, the elves helped children sprinkle their reindeer dust in the garden and gave them instructions as to what Father Christmas expected of them on Christmas Eve, to be in bed nice and early and leave out some yummy treats! (And stay in bed until 7am!)

All of our Elves would like to thank each and every family for welcoming us into your home for a magical home visit and we hope you all enjoyed the experience as much as we did.

We have included some of our favourite photos from home visits below, see if you can spot yourself or your friends! See you all again next year.

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Christmas events 2017

The whole team at Let’s Party Events North East had a very busy schedule this festive period working alongside a range of Christmas events throughout November and December all around the North East and beyond! What a fantastic time we had!

We were delighted to be working alongside some brilliant companies and events providing festive characters and entertainment for children and their families to enjoy in the exciting build up to the big day. Some of our work included Christmas light switch ons, community centre events, charity events, garden centre appearances, Christmas market appearances, breakfast and tea with Santa events, hotel appearances, Santa’s grotto’s, restaurant appearances and much more!

Although we would love to write an individual blog post for each and every event we have completed in Christmas 2017 we would not know where to begin as we have so much to say about all of you! Instead, we have incorporated some of our favourite photographs from these events below for you to take a look at, take a look to see if you can spot you or any of your friends on our photos!

Thank you again to EVERYONE who invited us to spend this Christmas with you, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


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Charlies birthday party 16.12.17

A busy afternoon was ahead for Chase and Marshall as they were invited along to meet Charlie and his family and friends to celebrate his birthday!

As the special guests arrived they could hear lots of party music and excited children playing games and dancing on the dance floor. Everyone rushed over to meet Chase and Marshall and gave them both hi 5’s and cuddles which was very kind.

The mascots joined in dancing along to some of Charlie’s favourite songs and helped alongside musical corners game and also building a snowmen! That was lots of fun!

After lots of meeting, greeting and the chance for everyone to have photos taken it was time for the special guests to make their way home to help save the day.

Thank you to Charlie and his family for inviting us along to celebrate a special birthday, we hope you all had as much fun as our characters did!

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Isabella’s 5th birthday 16.12.17

Our Hawaiian Princess was invited to celebrate Isabella’s birthday with all of her friends and family at Washington Centre today. As we arrived the children were getting ready to enjoy some lunch as they had been having an exciting morning in the soft play area!

Isabella came to greet her special guest with a lovely hug and she was given her special birthday tiara. She introduced all of her friends and the princess guest worked her way around the tables chatting to all the children and families.

We had a great time! Isabella even told the Hawaiian princess what she was hoping to receive from Father Christmas so she was able to pass this over to him when he gives her a phone call later in the week (as all Princesses work together with Father Christmas to help pass on information!)

Thank you for inviting us to your party, we hope you had a brilliant day! Just like we did!


FCA Christmas party 02.12.17

A special party was taking place today on behalf of Foster Care Association at Holiday Inn Washington and our characters of American Hero and Beauty Queen were delighted to be attending. As they arrived, there was lots of families enjoying the party by dancing, playing party games and having lots of yummy food!

The children ran to greet their special guests and guided them to the dance floor where they joined in playing musical corners and pass the parcel, it was lots of fun.

All of a sudden, everyone could hear bells ringing and in walked Father Christmas! What a surprise!

Children gathered on the dance floor and waited patiently for Father Christmas to read out their names ready to receive an early Christmas treat. After a fun filled afternoon, it was time for our characters to leave.

Thank you to everyone for inviting us along to celebrate at such a fantastic party!


Layla’s 5th birthday party 19.11.17

Today was Layla’s 5th birthday party and our Hawaiian Princess and Beauty Queen were invited along to celebrate and join in the party with Layla and all of her friends.

As the Princesses arrived, it was not hard for them to see who the birthday girl was. She was dressed just like the Hawaiian Princess and looked absolutely fantastic (check out photos below!) There was LOTS of children at the party and all were joining in some great party games and dances including ‘Who’s in the jungle?’, musical statues, Cha Cha slide and much more! The special guests had a brilliant time playing games and dancing with Layla.

Layla showed the Princesses to her birthday cake where all of her family and friends gathered to sing happy birthday! All of the children at the party had the opportunity to meet the Princesses and get photos taken to remember the special day.

We hope you had a great party Layla and enjoyed it as much as the Princesses did!

Thank you for letting us celebrate with you!

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Ryan’s Surprise party 18.11.17

Working proudly together with Equal Partnerships Ltd, our team were invited along to celebrate a very special birthday party for Ryan. Ryan LOVES superheroes and his friends and family decided to put together and plan a surprise superhero themed party to wish him a happy 40th birthday!

His family chose American Hero and Spider character as they decided he would be most impressed with these when they arrived at his party. When our characters arrived, they spotted Ryan dressed in his very own Batman costume and he looked great! All of the guests at the party were also dressed up in their own home made costumes, it was fantastic!

The superhero guests had lots of photos taken and had the opportunity to join in the fun of the party. It was a brilliant evening. Thank you again for inviting us along to celebrate Ryan’s special day.

IMG_2890 IMG_2887


Evie’s 3rd Birthday 05.11.17

An exciting day for our Hawaiian Princess and Beauty Queen as they were attending Evie’s 3rd birthday party and Newburn Leisure Centre. As they arrived they could see the birthday girl dressed just like the Beauty Queen and she looked beautiful! After presenting Evie with her tiara, she showed them around the venue introducing her friends and having lots of lovely cuddles!

Time for some delicious party food! The princesses joined in and helped the children choose some yummy snacks and put on their party hats. Evie showed her special guests her fantastic birthday cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday!

We hope you had a great day at your party and thank you to all of your family and friends for inviting us to celebrate with you all!


Blue flames fireworks display 05.11.17

An important event was due to take place today at Blue Flames Sporting Ground! It was Bonfire night and the Ice Queen, Beauty Queen, Spider character and Minion were all invited to attend a fantastic fun filled event.

There was hundreds of people arriving ready to see the display and join in the entertainment that was available before hand, including fair ground rides, food and drinks stalls, music and the chance to meet and greet with the special guests!

We had lots of photos taken and met lots of excited children and their families as they made their way outside to the playing fields ready to see the fireworks. They were FANTASTIC! An array of colours and light shone through the sky with children cheering and screaming at the excitement. Our characters loved their night at Blue Flames and hopefully we see you all again soon! Thank you for inviting us along.


Aaron’s Birthday Party 24.10.17

Today our Spider character was invited along to Kenton Sports Centre to celebrate Aaron’s birthday with lots of his friends and family! As he arrived, he could see the birthday boy was very excited to show him around the party, introducing his friends and showing him what fun could be had! Spider character and Aaron ran around the soft play together, it was great. The special guest even showed the children his special moves and hang from the equipment and climbed up the nets, Aaron was very impressed!

There was lots of opportunities throughout the party for photographs and Spider character even presented the birthday boy with his fantastic themed birthday cake. Take a look at a couple of photos below to see how much fun we all had!

We hope you enjoyed your party Aaron, thank you for inviting us to celebrate with you and your family.

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Half term fun at Kirkley Hall 23.10.17

Our princess and superhero team were invited to spend a fun filled week at Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens to meet lots of excited families and of course all of the fantastic animals the Zoo has to offer!

Princess team included the Ice Queen, Ice Princess, Beauty Queen and Ball Queen. And Superhero team included Spider character, Supergirl, American Hero and Ranger Hero. They all arrived each day full of excitement and raring to see what fun could be had, it was a busy week joining in all of the animal talks and meeting lots of new faces and families! Princesses had fun showing everyone their beautiful dresses and even managed to do some sing-a-long experiences with children down at the play area! Superheroes on the other hand loved meeting all of the creepy crawlies (especially our Spider character!). We had a fantastic week visiting Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens half term events and we hope you enjoyed meeting our characters!

Take a look at some images from the events, see if you can spot yourself or your friends!

2017-10-26 12.20.44 IMG_2161 IMG_2181 IMG_2198 IMG_2311 IMG_2377 IMG_2470