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Christmas Home Visits

Throughout December, staff here at Let’s Party Events North East have been busy running Christmas home visits from the Ice Queen or one of Santa’s Elves. A total of 12 fun filled days and of course including Christmas Eve saw the home visits taking place. Each visit was fantastic getting to meet lots of children and listen to how excited they were for Santa coming.. We were all counting the days! Visits included, gift box delivering, singing, dancing, reading personalised Santa letters, storytelling, chatting and HUNDREDS of photographs taken!

We would like to thank everyone who invited us into their homes over the festive period, keep your eyes open in 2017 for similar events which I’m sure you will all love! Take a look at some of the photos below and see if you can spot you or your friends! We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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Freya’s birthday party 17.12.16

Today was a very special little girls birthday party, Freya! The Beauty Queen was invited to meet her friends and family and join in the fun that was to be had. As she arrived there was lots of excited children having fun dancing and playing games, the Princess was introduced by the DJ and decided it would be a great idea to play some party games together. Freya asked her special guest if she could paint her nails so they took a seat and chose her colour carefully, lots of other children came along for their nails painted and looked beautiful!

We had the opportunity for lots of photographs with all guests and then was time for the princess to leave. Thank you for inviting us to your party we hope you had a fantastic time!

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FCA Christmas Party 10.12.16

Today the Ice Queen, Spider-Man and Minion mascot were invited along to join in the festive fun at FCA Christmas Party in Washington! When we arrived we could hear lots of excited children playing party games on the dance floor with the DJ, we couldn’t wait to get inside. As we went in, all guests were screaming as they were so excited to see us! We joined them on the dance floor and played games including, musical statues, dancing competitions and ‘corners’.

After lots of dancing and fun a VERY special guest arrived… Father Christmas and he had gifts for everyone, each child waited patiently for their name to be called and then went and received their present from the big man himself. A huge cuddle and lots of photos from everyone it was time for our characters to head home!

We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and thank you for having us. We are already looking forward to seeing you again.


Equal Partnerships Ltd Christmas Party 09.12.16

Tonight Spider-Man and Ice Queen were invited along to a special party ran by Equal Partnerships Ltd for their customers. As we arrived everyone was having lots of fun dancing and singing with the DJ, our characters joined in the fun and loved dancing with everyone! We were able to get lots of photographs with everyone at the party and they all look great (see below), some of the guests at the party guided us to show us all of the delicious food that was on offer for everyone even a giant cake which the Ice Queen said was delicious!

Take a look at some of our photos below to see the fun in which we had.

Thank you for having us, we hope to see you all again soon. Merry Christmas!

IMG_2231 IMG_2232 IMG_2233 IMG_2234 IMG_2235 IMG_2236 IMG_2237 IMG_2238 IMG_2239


Bowes Railway Museum 03.12.16 – 04.12.16

The first weekend in December has everyone so excited for Christmas and our characters were preparing to attend the Christmas Fun Days being held at Bowes Railway Museum. Plenty of activities were available including meeting Santa and his elves on a train, market stalls, a local brass band, magic shows, face painting, arts and crafts, tours of the museum, coffee shop of course some very special visitors. Chase, Marshall and both Ice sisters had the opportunity to attend and they were raring to go! It was a very cold weekend however lots of customers came along to introduce themselves to the special visitors and join in the fun. Chase and Marshall waved and cuddled lots of children and their families with lots of photo opportunities from everyone (see photos below), Ice Queen and Princess were having interactive sessions with guests which included dancing, singing, storytelling and chats with lots of excited boys and girls! We had hundreds of photos taken throughout the event which all look fantastic.

Thank you to everyone who braved the cold to come along and spend your weekend with everyone at Bowes Railway, we had a great time and hope to see you all again soon!

IMG_2153 IMG_2155 IMG_2156 IMG_2157 IMG_2159 IMG_2160 IMG_2168 IMG_2169 IMG_2176 IMG_2178 IMG_2181 IMG_2186


Layla’s 4th birthday party 27.11.16

Two of our Princesses were invited along to celebrate Layla’s 4th Birthday today in Throckley! We were so excited and as we arrived the party was jam packed with children dressed in some fantastic costumes who were busy dancing and running around the hall. As the Princesses entered they presented the birthday girl with a beautiful tiara which she wore for the rest of her party! Layla guided us to the stage where we sat down ready to paint the children’s nails, they all looked great! After everyones nails were dry the Beauty Queen and Mermaid gathered children round to play pass the parcel, this was great fun and some cool prizes were wrapped inside! The Beauty Queen sat the children down and read a story all about her and all guests listened carefully. After lots of photographs were taken with everyone at the party it was time for our princesses to head home. Thank you Layla for inviting us along to your party, we had a great time and hope you did too!


Poplar Tree Garden Centre 26.11.16 – 27.11.16

A brilliant Christmas event was happening at Poplar Tree Garden Centre this weekend and we were so excited that the Ice Queen had been invited along to join in the fun! We were guided in to a ginormous marquee which was full of great stalls selling, clothes, Christmas gifts, sweets and other foods. The Ice Queen was able to have a wander and look at each stall and spoke to the sellers talking about how excited they were for Christmas! The garden centre was so big so a staff member kindly guided the princess around the centre to meet customers and have photo’s taken! Father Christmas was in his grotto outside at the garden centre and the Ice Queen went to visit his guests as they waited patiently in the queue to see him.

Back in the marquee, the Ice Queen was running a sing-along and dance-a-long session with all guests at the Christmas market and was a great success! The dance moves from everyone were fantastic, we’re sure you had all been practising before we arrived!

Thanks again to everyone at Poplar Tree Garden Centre, have a lovely Christmas we hope to see you again soon!

IMG_2090 IMG_2091 IMG_2106


Washington Village Christmas Festival 26.11.16

As Christmas is quickly approaching, the Ice Queen and Elves were invited along to Washington Village Christmas Festival to join in the fun and get in the festive spirit! There was lots of fantastic activities including fairground rides, face painting, ice skating, arts and crafts with the Elves, market stalls, meeting reindeers and a chance to meet a very special guest… Father Christmas!! The Elves were in charge of making sure all children were very excited where they held arts and crafts making pictures and lists to hand to Santa once it was their turn to meet him! The Ice Queen was hosting a meet and greet station which gave customers an opportunity to interact with the princess and for photographs! The Ice Queen even managed to have a go at the local martial arts class for a lesson (see photos below!) she thought this was very fun but instead is going to stick to singing and dancing. After a very busy day it was time for our guests to go home for a rest.

Thankyou to everyone for inviting us along to your fantastic Christmas Festival! We hope you have a lovely festive period and we see you again soon.

IMG_2063 IMG_2075 IMG_2068 IMG_2070 IMG_2082


Millie’s birthday party 20.11.16

Marshall was invited today to visit Millie at Newburn Leisure Centre to celebrate her birthday with her family and friends. When we arrived Millie’s mum handed Marshall a huge present to give to her, which she loved!! Millie and her friends guided their special guest around the party showing him the soft play blocks, giant bouncy castle and of course introducing him to all of her friends and family.

After lots of dancing and fun, it was time for Marshall and the party guests to gather around Millie’s birthday cake and sing ‘happy birthday’ before everyone tucked into their delicious food.

Thank you Millie for having us, we had a lovely time! Hope to see you again soon! 


Gosforth Family Christmas Fair 12.11.16

A busy day was planned for our Ice Queen and Beauty Princess today as they were invited along to Gosforth Family Christmas Fair! The princesses were so excited as they had heard of all the fantastic stalls, activities and taster sessions that were available throughout the day. The princesses were guided around the fair by a few children who wanted to show them all the fun that was to be had, the art and craft table was the Ice Queens favourite! After lots of photographs taken with all visitors it was time for a local choir to give a performance which was brilliant! The Beauty Queen watched some boys and girls get their faces painted as tigers/pirates and Santa! What a fantastic day we had at our first Christmas event of 2016! We hope to see you all again, thank you for having us!


Blue Flames Fireworks Display 05.11.16

A HUGE night was ahead for the Ice Queen and Spider-Man as they were invited along to Blue Flames Fireworks Display to meet guests and watch the fireworks! As we arrived we could see lots of excited children all gathered inside keeping warm as it was a very cold day! The special guests walked around the event greeting children and their families, getting lots of photographs together and also joining in the fun!

After a busy hour meeting everyone it was time to go outside and watch the fireworks and they were FANTASTIC! The Ice Queen and Spider-Man loved watching them with the guests at the event, so much so, we can’t wait to see you all again next year!!

Thank you for having us, see you all again soon!


Milla’s 4th birthday party 29.10.16

Today the Ice Queen and Princess were invited up to Alnwick to visit Milla and her friends to celebrate her 4th birthday. When we arrived, the Princesses could hear lots of fun happening inside the hall. The Ice Queen presented Milla with her special birthday crown and the special guests introduced themselves to everyone at the party. There was lots of things to do including a bouncy castle, crafts and dancing! All children decided it would be a great idea to play some party games so the Ice Princess set up the games and explained to the children how it worked. They all showed the Princesses some fantastic dance moves which I’m sure they will use themselves! For the best dancers the Ice Queen handed out sweets and the children we very impressed. Next it was time for some nail painting, all children gathered around the princesses and they were singing along to popular songs while they waited patiently for their nails painted from their special guests! We presented Milla with her birthday cake, and a special present was hidden for her in which the Ice Queen went and got… a bicycle! Milla jumped straight on and showed the Princesses how she could ride her bike! After lots of photographs with everyone and a big hug it was time for the Princesses to head home!

Thank you to you all for inviting us to celebrate Milla’s special 4th birthday! We hope to see you again soon!


Archie and Ellie-May’s Bowling Party 29.10.16

Today was a very exciting day for Chase as he was invited to a joint birthday party for Archie and Ellie-May at MFA Bowling in Sunderland. Chase couldn’t wait to meet everyone at the party and have fun bowling as he had never done this before! As we arrived, Chase was greeted by Archie (the birthday boy) who came and shook his hand and guided him off to meet all of his friends and family at the party. Ellie May came to give her special guest a huge cuddle and told him it was her birthday too! Chase watched all the children doing a SUPER job bowling and he asked if he could have a try! Ellie May and Archie helped Chase to aim the ball in line with the skittles and after 3 they pushed it down the ramp together!! It was great fun. After lots of photographs and cuddles it was time for Chase to head home so everyone could begin eating their scrummy party food.

Chase would like to thank Archie and Ellie-May for inviting him to their fantastic party! He hopes to see you again soon!