Monthly Archive July 2016


Sofia’s 3rd Birthday 26.06.16

Our Ice Queen was invited to Sofia’s 3rd birthday party today and what an amazing time she had! The birthday girl greeted our Ice Queen with a huge cuddle and smile which was fantastic. Sofia then asked for her nails painted “blue and sparkly” just like the Ice Queen’s dress which we thought was a fantastic idea! After Sofia had her nails painted it was time to do some dancing with her friends and the Princess guest, we twirled and sang to the music and Sofia sang along to ALL of the words to Let it Go (she must of been practising). Thank you Sofia for inviting us to see you on your 3rd birthday, we had a fantastic time!


Sofia's Elsa Visit


Lillie’s Birthday Tea Party 15.06.16

Our Minion mascot was invited to visit a special little girl and her baby brother today after she had been to school for her 4th birthday! Lillie was having a tea party in her house and was busy eating lots of nice food when we arrived, we asked if we could join her and sat around the picnic with her family. Lillie showed us all of her presents that she had received and we played games together, our Minion character especially loved the ‘hoopla’ game! After singing happy birthday to the birthday girl everyone tucked into a piece of chocolate cake while our mascot had his photos taken with Lillie on her big day! We hope Lillie and her family enjoyed meeting our Minion and had lots of fun. Here are some photo’s from the tea party.