Yearly Archive 2016


Eve’s 5th Birthday party 23.10.16

Our Chase character has been super busy over the past few weeks visiting lots of boys and girls at their parties! But today, it was time to visit a special little girl Eve for her 5th birthday. The party guests had been having lots of fun in the soft play before their special guest arrived and met Chase in a party room where everyone was so excited to see him. They all greeted him with hi-5’s and lots of cuddles. Everyone at the party decided it would be a fantastic idea to have a dancing competiton and Chase volunteered himself to be the judge, he picked Thomas and Georgia who had some brilliant moves to be the winners! (He thinks they had been practising before the party!) After singing happy birthday to Eve, it was time for Chase to head off home. We had a fantastic afternoon celebrating with you and hope you did too!


James’ 3rd Birthday 23.10.16

A busy day today for our characters, Marshall was invited to James’ party in Sunderland! We arrived to be greeted by a room full of children of all ages and their friends and parents which Marshall loved! A huge bouncy castle was at one end of the room and the children showed Marshall how high they could jump as he clapped along to his favourite music from the DJ. The birthday boy didn’t expect to see Marshall arrive at his party and he turned very shy but towards the end of his visit he began to open up and join in the dancing. All of the party guests gathered on the dance floor and showed Marshall their best dance moves which he copied and also done some ‘dabbing’ himself. At the end of our characters visit James was presented with his fantastic Toy Story themed birthday cake and everyone sang together in wishing him a happy birthday! Thank you so much for inviting us to your fantastic party James, we hope you had just as much fun as we did! Here is some photos below of the fun we had celebrating with James…



Amy and Joseph’s birthday party 15.10.16

Today our Chase mascot was invited to Amy and Joseph’s 5th birthday party! The party was held in Newburn and had beautiful views of the river which Chase loves paddling in! When we went inside the party was full with lots of children and their parents ready to join in the fun with a disco, party games and lots of dancing. Amy and Joseph came and introduced themselves to their special guest and gave him a huge cuddle, they lead him to the dance floor where Chase showed all the guests his best dancing moves. After singing happy birthday 2 times for both Amy and Joseph it was time to play some fun games! A busy appearance came to an end and all the guests ran to the food area for some well deserved pizza for lunch, it looked delicious. Thank you Amy and Joseph for inviting Chase to your party, he had such a brilliant day!


Washington Carnival 17.09.16

We had the privilege of being invited to a fantastic day at Albany Park today to join in on the fun for Washington Carnival 2016. The day involved lots of entertainment including local singers, dancers, musicians and businesses providing many brilliant activities for everyone to get involved in! Thank goodness the sun was shining! We were greeted by Sun FM Radio who were commentating the whole day, our Ice Queen and Princess even managed to grab a photograph inside of their Sun FM board. This was great fun! Our characters greeted the guests at the carnival with lots of hugs from the excited children, queues began to build up as our characters posed for lots of photo’s with everyone at the festival. Princess meet and greets seemed to be very popular throughout the day as families came up to talk to their favourite characters including the Ball Queen and the Mermaid. Our mascots LOVED the local singers the best as they were able to dance all day long to the fantastic songs that were being played across the park.

After a busy day meeting over a thousand guests it was time for our character team to head home, we managed to get plenty of photographs with everyone involved and we would love to see more! If you came to see us at Washington Carnival 2016, please upload your photos to our Facebook page!

We have attached below some photos from the day! Can you see yourself in any photos?! Thank you to everyone involved who invited us along to attend this fantastic event, we hope to see you all again next year!



Tommy’s 5th Birthday 13.09.16

Our brand new characters Chase and Marshall were invited to attend Tommy’s birthday party! As they arrived the whole party was ‘Paw Patrol’ themed with posters, banners, plates, cups, napkins and even a HUGE Chase and Marshall cake! Our excited characters met the birthday boy who was 5 today and he introduced them to his friends. There was lots of children at the party who all came and cuddled, hi fived and danced with their special guests. Tommy even offered Chase and Marshall a cupcake which they took home to enjoy after tea. After lots of busy dancing, singing and taking photos it was time for the special guests to say goodbye. Tommy ran off into the street and zoomed up and down on his new bike which looked so fast! Thank you for inviting Chase and Marshall to your party Tommy, we hope you had a lovely day.



Role Play 28.08.16

Bank holiday weekend was jam packed for our characters, however today was very special! We were invited to a fantastic Teddy Bear’s Picnic at the new Role Play in Hebburn, our Ice Queen, Minion and Chase were going to join in on all of the fun. Role Play is a great new play zone for children to dress up and ‘role play’ in everyday jobs such as a post office, supermarket and a salon which was all very exciting for our characters. When we stepped into the room the children and the parents were amazed to see the special guests, everyone came to see our characters for photos and huge cuddles! Our Ice Queen was guided around the room by some little girls who were kind enough to show her all of the amazing activities they could play with, she even got a pretend cup of tea made! At the end of our visit everyone said goodbye to their special guests and waved them off, we had such a great time and can’t wait to come back soon and join in!




Lydia’s 3rd birthday party 27.08.16

Our mermaid was invited to a very special party today, it was Lydia’s 3rd birthday! When we arrived there was lots of boys and girls all in fancy dress dancing and singing along to music which got our mermaid so excited! The party guests were very happy to see their special guest and all ran towards her to have a big hug, especially the birthday girl. After she received her special birthday tiara from her Princess guest it was time to play some party games, the DJ popped on some dancing music and everyone got together and showed each other their best moves to win some yummy sweets. Everyone was tired from all the dancing so our mermaid decided it would be a good time to paint all the girls nails and get to know everyone individually, which was great fun. At the end of our visit Lydia blew out the candles on her princess cake and everyone sang Happy birthday! After lots of fantastic photographs were taken it was time for our Princess to leave to go and see some other boys and girls.


Thank you Lydia for inviting us to your big day we hope you enjoyed your great party!


Pottery Bank Fun Day 23.08.16

Today there was a fantastic Superhero and Princess Fun Day being held at Pottery Bank Community Centre and our Ice Queen and Spider character were invited! Each week throughout the summer holidays Pottery Bank held themed fun days for everyone in the local community to enjoy. Our characters arrived and everyone was having so much fun, there was a huge bouncy castle, sandpits, craft stations and face painting! The Ice Queen seemed to be a huge hit with all of the girls and Spider character was surrounded by lots of boys who were all dressed up just like him. We had such a great time meeting everyone and seeing what fun was to be had! We hope to come back to Pottery Bank soon and join in on your other fantastic events throughout the year. Take a look at some photos from our exciting day!




Billy’s 5th Birthday Party 13.08.16

Today our Minion went to visit the birthday boy Billy for his 5th party with all of his friends! We all danced along to songs like the YMCA, our Minion was so worn out but was having too much fun to stop. There was a small football pitch set up in the party and Minion couldn’t wait to have a turn to try and score a goal!

Next it was time for our character to see Billy’s birthday cake it was a HUGE minion just like him! All the guests cheered and clapped for the birthday boy and then it was time for everyone to get photographs with their special guest and say goodbye. Thank you Billy for inviting us to your party, we hope you had a great day!



Poppy’s Field Fundraiser 09.08.16

Our characters had the opportunity today to attend a fundraising day in aid of Poppy’s Field. This fantastic fun day was filled with fun and games in memory of Poppy-Mai and to raise money for her appeal to provide ill children with a place to stay for them and their families.

We had such a fun day playing games and dancing with everyone, in particular our Minion loved dancing to ‘Gangham Style’ (it’s his favourite). At the end of the event, all guests went outside for a balloon release for Poppy-Mai as the video shows below.

Thank you for inviting us!



Little Learners Festival 31.07.16

Today our Ice Queen and Princess were invited to a fantastic event ‘Little Learners Festival’ to meet lots of children, families and local businesses. It was a lovely sunny day and as we arrived everyone was having lots of fun playing on the inflatables, having model balloons made and best of all playing in the ‘messy play zone’ (which looked like so much fun).

Our Princesses walked around each stall to look at all of the fantastic products and services that businesses were showing. Some lovely ladies from JittaBugs welcomed us into their station for a Princess selfie (see picture below), and most of all shelter from the rain thanks to the Great British Weather!

We had such a fun day out at Little Learners Festival and we hope to attend some more of your fantastic events again soon!


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Springfield Family Fun Day 29.07.16

Our characters received an invite from Springfield Family Fun Day to attend their huge event in the community centre and surrounding grounds. We were so excited to see what great activities would be there to do and all of the children we could meet! As we arrived we managed to see a fire engine which was great, there was a little boy trying on a fireman’s uniform and pretending to drive the engine!

After being guided through the centre hall we stepped outside to hundreds of people waiting to see us, everyone had been very busy painting, playing football, bouncing on the inflatables and getting their faces painted. We stopped off at the field for photo opportunities for all of the families to see us, it was so fun.

We had such a great day at Springfield Family Fun Day and hopefully we can come back and see you all again soon.




Victoria’s Christening 17.07.16

Today was a big day for our Princesses as they were invited to the christening of Victoria Ann. As they arrived they were greeted by lots of happy and excited children who had been having lots of fun dancing and playing in the soft play!

Everyone was so pleased to see their special visitors especially Victoria, our Princesses were shown the way to the soft play area where they watched everyone run and jump super fast. It was FANTASTIC! After lots of playing, our Princess visitors painted all of the little girls nails which looked beautiful! Party games were the next step of the big day and everyone joined in dancing and twirling alongside the Ball Queen and Mermaid princesses.

After a busy party everyone sat down to tuck in on some food and sweets as it was time for our Princesses to say goodbye! We loved seeing you on your christening day and we hope you had a fantastic party Victoria!




Sofia’s 3rd Birthday 26.06.16

Our Ice Queen was invited to Sofia’s 3rd birthday party today and what an amazing time she had! The birthday girl greeted our Ice Queen with a huge cuddle and smile which was fantastic. Sofia then asked for her nails painted “blue and sparkly” just like the Ice Queen’s dress which we thought was a fantastic idea! After Sofia had her nails painted it was time to do some dancing with her friends and the Princess guest, we twirled and sang to the music and Sofia sang along to ALL of the words to Let it Go (she must of been practising). Thank you Sofia for inviting us to see you on your 3rd birthday, we had a fantastic time!


Sofia's Elsa Visit


Lillie’s Birthday Tea Party 15.06.16

Our Minion mascot was invited to visit a special little girl and her baby brother today after she had been to school for her 4th birthday! Lillie was having a tea party in her house and was busy eating lots of nice food when we arrived, we asked if we could join her and sat around the picnic with her family. Lillie showed us all of her presents that she had received and we played games together, our Minion character especially loved the ‘hoopla’ game! After singing happy birthday to the birthday girl everyone tucked into a piece of chocolate cake while our mascot had his photos taken with Lillie on her big day! We hope Lillie and her family enjoyed meeting our Minion and had lots of fun. Here are some photo’s from the tea party.




Macie’s 7th Birthday 12.06.16

Today our mermaid princess was invited to make an appearance at Macie’s 7th birthday! There was lots going on when we arrived but we found our way to the birthday girl Macie who was waiting for her nails painted with glitter. She loved her tiara that we gave her and looked beautiful! Our mermaid was shown around the venue by all the children to look at the bouncy castle, make up stall and sweetie stall it was fantastic! We played some great party games and everyone had the chance to win sweets and dance. Macie and her Mum took their guest over to her birthday cake which was HUGE and was mermaid themed, we all sang happy birthday and took lots of photos to remember the big day! We hope Macie and all of her friends had as much fun as our mermaid did. Here are some photos of the Macie’s big day.


Macie's Party 10 edit
 Mermaid princess with some of the party guests   Macie and her birthday cake


Willow’s 4th Birthday 20.05.16

Our Princesses were invited to join in the fun at Willow’s 4th Birthday party! There they greeted the birthday girl by giving her a special Princess tiara and painted her nails alongside all of the guests. Willow showed the Princesses her huge bouncy castle that she had for her party where they got lots of photographs and memories! We hope Willow had a fantastic party and enjoyed it as much as our Princesses.


Willow's Party Willow's Party 2 Willows Party 3


Fellgate Autistic Unit 18.05.16

Our two princesses had a special visit to the autistic unit at Fellgate Primary School today, where they were able to meet and interact with the Prince’s and Princesses. The children had made crowns for our grand arrival which they wore when the Princesses sang and danced to popular ‘Frozen’ songs. We were invited to the school so the children were able to see characters in real life, to enhance their learning and development in a way in which many had not experienced before. We had such positive feedback and hope we are able to visit the children again in the future!

Fellgate Autistic Unit Fellgate Autistic Unit 2 Fellgate Autistic Unit 4